Top 4 Popular Loans for Urban Residents

Top 4 Popular Loans for Urban Residents

With urban lifestyle rising steadily, lenders are finding new corners of the market to play on. Modern urban residents are now discovering new ways to get loans for the things they want to purchase. Online loan applications have also tripled in the past months, giving way to the improvement of many businesses. If you’re an urban resident, you can definitely benefit from knowing the top 4 loans within your area. At least you have an idea which loan you should apply for.

Travel Loan 

Image result for travel loanTravel loans have become more popular because many urban residents want to escape from the stressful city life. If you’re planning to have a quick vacation, you should seek out a lender offering a travel loan. Banks offer this kind of personal loan every once in a while, and they have tie-ins with exclusive tourist destinations. Keep your eyes peeled for these offers.


Gadget Loan 

Image result for Gadget LoanA specialized type of loan, the gadget loan is intended for people who want to own new gadgets. Somehow, the gadget loan blurs the line between a regular personal loan or cash advance. Lately, however, some money lender sg are adding new twists to their gadget loan offers. With the advantage of product tie-ins, you can avail gadget loans with monthly plans. This is a perk, but you should be careful. Monthly plans will eat away at your budget, excluding the interest of the loan.

Cash Advance 

Image result for Cash AdvanceOne of the most controversial loans of all time is the cash advance (payday loans). Many urban residents believe that cash advance loans are handy because they’re offered rapidly and almost without limitations. Unlike other types of loans, payday loans don’t have strict credit check processes and they can be released within an hour.

Despite this clear advantage, payday loans are notorious for their outrageous rates. Some payday lenders may cause you to pay up to 200% of the loan principal! Even though most cash advance lenders have changed their ways, you still need to be vigilant about what they’re offering.

Personal Loan 

Image result for Personal Loan for millennialsPerhaps the most balanced type of loan, the personal loan in singapore is targeted for employees and people with regular streams of income. Urban residents love this loan because of its reasonable rate and occasional privileges. Also, many banks and financial organizations are keen on offering personal loans.

Once you picked the type of loan you want, you should keep the golden rule in mind: repay the loan. Settle for a lender that’ll give you flexible loan terms and high amount ceiling. Don’t let an uncontrolled loan mess up your urban lifestyle!

Top 4 Ways to Properly Use Your Personal Loan

Top 4 Ways to Properly Use Your Personal Loan

Applying for a personal loan is an easy thing to do. Right now, there are hundreds of online personal loan lending companies ready to offer their services to people. Typically, borrowers apply for a loan because of their financial dilemmas. But are you aware that most borrowers

are getting sidetracked by other factors? Instead of using the loan for an important reason, many borrowers splurge on food, luxury, travel, entertainment, and gadgets.

Do you have a personal loan at hand? In that case, you should check out these 4 beneficial ways of using your personal loan.

Financial Remedy

Related imagePersonal loans and salary loans should be used as financial remedies. Whenever you’re caught in a cash ditch, the loan will pull you out. Other situations may include home emergencies – like an immediate repair or (God forbid) a medical situation. Even if you’ve planned your financial journey for the coming years, some situations will definitely go out of hand. Personal loans should be your aces and hidden cards – not crutches.


Related imageA small percentage of borrowers worldwide usually think about turning their loans into small investments. Such investments are collectible cards, rare books, rare garage finds, rugs, perfume collection, coins, and jewelry. While micro-investments won’t give direct income right away, you’ll have a nest egg that can be used for the coming years. There’s also a fair chance that your micro-investments will grow in value within the year. Before picking a micro-investment, make sure that you can understand the market. Read trends so you can maximize your profits.

Small Business Capital

Related imageIf your loan is sizable enough, you can use it as a small business capital. This is a great year for small businesses; upfront costs are low due to marketing leaps. Tools have also become more affordable. Some of the small business ideas that you can start with your small business loan are marketing services, article writing gigs, dropshipping, online consultancy, online coaching, graphics design, and virtual assistance. You’re only limited by your creativity, access to manpower, and resources.

Expansion Budget

Image result for business expansion loansThis last strategy is only applicable if you already have a small business. Instead of applying for business expansion loans, a personal loan will do. However, it still depends on the expansion that you want. If you’re just planning to add one machine or few tables, a personal loan will do.

You can come up of dozens of additional ways, but the aforementioned factors can give you the best value. Pursue any of the ways now and watch your debt turn into a useful investment!

Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Cash Advance

Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Cash Advance

Whenever you’re face to face with emergency, all possible loans will appear as solutions. Since emergencies need to be resolved within few days or hours, the best loans that can help you are cash advance loans. Through cash advance, you can get emergency money within an hour. However, there are some instances when you shouldn’t get a cash advance loan.

These following reasons can point out the negative things about cash advance loans:

Extremely High Interest

Image result for Extremely High Interest loanWhile cash advance loans have easier application processes, they are notorious for extremely high interest. Most cash advance loans clock at around 20% interest per month; this rate can go higher or lower, depending on circumstances. Lenders may also collect multiple payments per month, jacking up the interest further. Before applying for a cash advance loan, always check out the interest. Calculate how much you need to shell out per month. If the loan will cause you to pay 150% more than the principal, stay away!

Worst Penalty Fees

Image result for loan penalty feeAside from outrageous interest, the penalty fees of cash advance loans are inhumane. If you missed out one payment term, you’ll end up paying additional 10% or even more. Some lenders may also increase the length of your terms as penalty. If you really need cash advance, just be vigilant about interest and penalty rates. This way, you won’t pay for unnecessary fees that can pull your finances down.

It’s Easy to Get Trapped

Related imageWhat if you managed to repay your cash advance loan without a problem? Well, you’re now in the ‘good books’ of the lender. The next thing that might happen is that you’ll rely on the cash advance lender all the time. Without knowing it, you’re trapped. To avoid being trapped, you should treat a cash advance loan as temporary solution. It’s not your crutch. Instead of choosing cash advance loans, go for personal loans instead.

Even though these reasons can be financially detrimental, you shouldn’t be discouraged from taking out cash advance loans. Some lenders can actually be lenient, while others won’t be too harsh in collecting payments. Check out online reviews so you can find the best cash advance lender near your area!

Top 4 Negative Habits that You Should Remove Prior to Loan Application

Top 4 Negative Habits that You Should Remove Prior to Loan Application

For many borrowers, loans are simple solutions that are always there whenever financial troubles occur. While lenders always give a helping hand, you shouldn’t rely on them all the time. Also, before applying for any loan, you have to observe your habits. Do you have some negative habits that caused you to spiral in a lifestyle filled with debts?

Listed below are the top 4 habits that you must remove before you send out any loan applications:


Image result for negative habits in loan OverspendingOverspending is the most common problem of every loan borrower. Once they have money at hand, most borrowers love to spend every penny on stuff that don’t matter. They do this consecutively until they no longer have enough to pay off their loans. If you know that you’re an over-spender, work on this right away. Focus on things that matter now. Reduce your luxuries because they can be disastrous for your finances.


Image result for negative habits in loan ComplacencyDo you feel that everything will fall on its place even though you don’t take action? That is the first sign of complacency. Nowadays, you can’t afford to be complacent. Events are occurring day by day and you must ‘own’ your place. If you’re complacent, you won’t be prepared for the things that life will throw against you. You’ll be helpless. In the face of a ballooning loan, you’ll be crushed. Avoid complacency like a plague.

Loan Over-Dependence

Image result for negative habits in loan over dependenceAn off-shoot of complacency, loan over-dependence is another trait of many borrowers. Whenever they have problems, they resort to loans on a regular basis. Lenders have become their friends. Didn’t you know that every time you borrow, your journey towards wealth becomes nearly impossible? Lenders are your friends – only if you can repay them. If not, they are your worst nightmares. To avoid over-dependence, you must stand up on your own. Find ways to increase your income – little by little. Save up. If you need to cut corners, do so.


Related imageIdleness is the combination of fear, apathy, and indecisiveness. It’s what holds back many people. If you’re idle, then you won’t be able to do important things – like repaying your loan. Remember this: the idle person will fail. Success awaits those who refine themselves. Plus, idleness is dangerous to your finances.

Are you willing to remove these 4 negative habits that can pull you down in a debt quicksand? If yes, then you can now proceed to loan application. You’ll be thankful that you removed these negative habits!

Top 5 Things You Must Do After Getting Your Cash Loan

Top 5 Things You Must Do After Getting Your Cash Loan

Having your loan application approved can be a wonderful thing, though it’s just part of the process. What matters more is the next step that you’re going to take. If you don’t have a plan after getting a flexible loan, you may end up spending it carelessly.

Check out these top 5 things that you can do after getting a personal cash loan:

Solve Your Financial Dilemma

Financial emergency should be your only reason for loan application. However, this rule is not being followed by everyone. This is the reason why many borrowers fall on the trap of the debt cycle. If ever you’re pre-approved for a cash loan and you have an outstanding financial problem, use the loan as a solution. Don’t drag yourself in the debt quicksand further.

Look for Micro-Investments

Image result for Micro-InvestmentsMicro-investments are the same as investments except that they are smaller in scale and returns. Some popular micro-investments are collectibles, short-term assets, rare garage finds, coins, online assets, Cryptocurrency accounts, and commodities. Micro-investments are important because they allow you to enter the market without shelling too much. So, you should look for micro-investments after getting your loan. It’s the wise thing to do.

Look for New Income Projects

Image result for Micro-InvestmentsIf micro-investments serve as your nest eggs, income projects will be your active financial beacons. Nowadays, relying on one job is not practical – unless your job can pay for everything and you have a little extra going on. Using your new cash loan, you should start looking for income projects. These projects will raise your financial threshold significantly, allowing you to repay the loan in the shortest time possible. Plus, you can save some money this way.

Tuck Away the Money

Image result for Tuck Away the MoneySometimes, when you don’t have any other idea, you just need to tuck away the money and use it as a rainy day fund. The personal loan philippines can also be used to boost your savings account – which can then acquire interest every year. With additional money in your stash, you can create any project sometime in the future.

Adjust Your Monthly Budget

 Your new immediate cash loan is not free money. Every month, you have to shell out interest. The most sensible thing to do is to adjust your monthly budget. Assess your income and expense ratio. If possible, you should try cutting corners.

By choosing these five moves, you can be a responsible loan borrower. Don’t fall for the trap of irresponsible borrowing – this will lead you to a life of frustration and stress. If you think you’re now equipped with a plan, visit an online lending site today and send your application.